The Bribe

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The Bribe

I could hear the three arguing back and forth from the living room, as I was trying to watch TV. I’d yelled at them earlier, trying to get them to quiet down, just a little, but nothing doing. They continued to yell at each other. Finally, my /sister/">sister’s two friends, Danni and Billie came storming out of my sister’s room, looking for something, or someone to break.
’What was all that about, anyways?’ I asked.
’You know how your sister, Danni and I were going to go to that concert this weekend?’ asked Billie.
’Yeah, what about that?’
’Your sister’s backing out on us, now. So we’ve bought these tickets, which cost us almost all our money, and now we have no ride!’

The two girls plopped down on the couch next to me, sighing. ’Hey, you have a car, don’t you, Darren?’ asked Danni.
’I do’’ I started, unsure of where they were going with this.
’Why don’t you come with us? We’ve got an extra ticket, and we’ll pay you gas money for it!’
’Who’s playing?’ I asked, knowing that I wouldn’t really be into the band.

The two girls exchanged grins, and pushed closer to me. ’It doesn’t matter who’s playing’ We just need a big, strong man to come along with us, so we don’t get hurt,’ Danni made a mock pouting face.

I’d had a crush on both of these girls since I was thirteen. They were my sister’s hottest friends, and my sister has some pretty damned hot friends. Danni was a /blonde/">blonde, who was a little pale. I sized her at about a 36C, 5’6’ and about 115 lbs. Billie was a dark /brunette/">brunette with a dark tan. I figured she was about 34D, 5’4’ and 105 lbs. Now that I was eighteen, and they were 19 and 20, there was nothing to do but fantasize about them

I adjusted slightly, as I sat in my car, driving two of the hottest chicks I know to a concert where I was going to get very lucky. I looked over to my right, where Danni, in the front seat, was looking at me very lustfully. Her hand ran over my leg, and into my crotch, where she began to rub. Her other hand began to unzip my pants, and pull my dick out, which became instantly hard in her hand. She bent over my lap, and pulled my cock into her mouth. I sighed, as she ran her tongue down my shaft, and wrapped her lips around my milf porn videos tip. She began to move up and down on my cock, her tongue gently licking my shaft. Her hand grasped my sack, and began to fondle with my balls. It didn’t take long for me to feel an orgasm coming. I ran my hand in her hair, as the orgasm shot through my cock and into her mouth, one blowjob porn videos blast after another of cum, filling her mouth. She got up, and swallowed the cum, grinning. ’That tasted good,’ she smiled.

By the time we’d arrived to the concert, I’d came in each of their mouths at least twice. When I pulled into a parking space, I looked around, finding no cars around me.
’Where is everyone?’ I asked.

The giggled to each other, then looked to me. ’The concert isn’t until tomorrow. Right now, we’ve got the whole place to ourselves. It’s my daddy’s place,’ said Danni.
I grinned, and lead the two to the concert hall, where Danni pulled a key out of her bra. She unlocked the door, and took us to the break room for the workers. ’And this is where we fuck!’

I smirked, sitting on the couch. ’Ooh! Me first, me first!’ Billie shouted, jumping on the couch next to me. She pulled my pants and shirt off of me, leaving me nude on the couch, my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pointing towards the roof. She smiled, pushing herself between my legs, spreading her own, so Danni could make her cum. Danni reached into her backpack and pulled out a dildo, and pushed it into Billie, as she sucked my cock. I sighed; pulling Billie’s head down on my cock as far as it would go. She licked my shaft, moving hard up and down my cock until, after a few minutes of sucking, I came into her mouth. She closed her eyes, after swallowing my cum, and gripped my legs, as she felt herself beginning to cum. She screamed, as she squirt out pussy juice all over Danni. Danni grinned, and licked some off her tit.

After that, I stood up, bringing Danni to a stand with me, I bent her over, stuffing my cock into her pussy, and began to fuck her doggie-style. She sighed over and over, as my cock moved in and out of her soft, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Billie stood at Danni’s face, letting Danni lick her pussy out. ’Oh, God!’ cried out Danni, as I pounded her cunt. ’Faster!’

I moved faster in her pussy, feeling an orgasm coming in my balls. I could tell she was about to cum, feeling her pussy contract around my cock. The feeling of her orgasm coming drove me over the edge, and I couldn’t help but cum. Just as I came, she cried out, feeling her own orgasm coming. I kept pumping her, until; finally, she came, /squirting/squirting-pussy/">squirting pussy juice on my cock. At the same moment that Danni came, Billie squirt her juices all over Danni’s face. I brought Billie down on my cock, to lick off Danni’s juices, and licked Billie’s juices off Danni’s face.

The two girls brought me down, to a lying position, where Billie straddled me, letting her pussy lips slide over my cock, until she felt our crotches touching. Danni sat down on my face, pushing her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy in my face. I licked her slit, feeling her hot juices on my tongue. I moved my tongue back and forth along her cunt, licking her clit as I reached it. I felt Billie begin to move fast and hard on my cock right away, as my cock penetrated her pussy. I pushed two fingers up Danni’s cunt, as my tongue played with her clit. My other hand ran down my body to Billie, my hand rubbing her clit as she rode my cock harder and harder. ’Oooh’ Fuck!’ the two girls cried in unison, as I penetrated each of them, one with my cock and the other with my fingers. I pushed a third finger into Danni, searching her pussy for her g-spot. Finally, I found it, which drove her over the edge, causing her to orgasm, squirting my face with pussy juices. Her own orgasm sent me into sheer /ecstasy/">ecstasy, as I felt my own orgasm coming. I continued to lick Danni’s pussy, as Billie rode my cock, her pussy beginning to contract around my cock. I felt her cumming, as I came into her. She squirted juices all over my body, licking them up after.

After that, my memory’s a blur. All I remember from that weekend is complete and udder pleasure, fucking the two hottest sluts I know: my sister’s hot friends.