Earning Her grade part III

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Earning Her grade part III

?Ms. Ball looked at the naked body of the sexy young girl she had fucked so thoroughly the night before as she lay sleeping off the hard fucking she had taken. Ms. Ball had already packed what clothes of the girl she wanted her to have. She had carefully picked through panties and thongs, bras, jeans and short shorts as well as mini skirts and low cut tops the girl possessed that would show off her body for other lovers she choose for the girl and she had a lot of fuck plans for the girl.

She crawled onto the bed with her sleeping slave and began to run her hands over the girl?s nude body. Maria awoke as Ms. Ball began to lick her beautiful ass. It all came back to the girl now. How she had gone out with her professor on a date and had tried to resist the sexual desires of Ms. Ball but had given in and let the woman take her as she pleased and use her body for her devilish pleasures including eating her and fucking her for hours. She knew Ms. Ball owned her mind and body now and she also knew it would do no good to resist Ms. Ball and truthfully she wasnt sure she wanted to resist anymore. Ms. Ball told her to get dressed because she was coming with her, their were others anxious to meet her and enjoy her or I can beat you 1st but either way you will come with me and do what I tell you from now on. Maria didn?t want anymore of Ms. Ball?s abuse so she got dressed as she was told because she had no choice but to serve her mistress now and she knew it. Maria dressed in the tiny panties and low rise jeans Ms. Ball had laid out for her to wear as well as the short cut top that showed off her abs and was cut real low to show her breasts and nipples especially since she wasn?t allowed to wear a bra. Ms. Ball had put her suitcase in her car and then escorted her slave to the car and they left.

?As they drove, Maria asked where they were going. ?You?ve got a couple of my lesbian friends that want to meet you then your going to star in your 1st /movies/porno-movie/">porno movie with a well hung stud sweetheart?, Ms. Ball told her. ?Please, can?t I just be your girl?, Maria replied. Ms. Ball angrily replied that she would do as she was told and not question her again. ?And do not disappoint my friends Maria?, Ms. Ball shouted. ?Yes mistress?, was the only reply she knew she could make.

They arrived at Ms. Ball?s estate. It was a large sprawling estate of over fifty acres complete with a majestic indoor and outdoor heated pool. Ms. Ball had purchased the land and built the house with the money she had made from using other young girls the last few years. When you have beautiful young girl?s bodies to sell for other?s pleasures making vast amount of money off the girl?s bodies for sex and /porno/porno-movies/">porno movies isn?t a problem at all and Ms. Ball had used many girls just that way. She had sold them for sex so many times and forced the girls to do untold numbers of /fucking/fuck-movies/">fuck movies to sell for buyers eager to see the girls having sex with /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women. She had no doubt that Maria would become a hotly requested /sex/sex-toy/">sex toy quickly and would make incredible porno movies.

She had her /new/new-girl/">new girl bathe and dress for the arrival of her friends. She couldn?t wait for her friends to take the girl and use her body. Ms. Ball?s friends soon arrived and were impatient to see the young girl Ms. Ball had just enslaved for sexual games. Maria came out in a super tight pair of low rise jeans that melted around her hips and ass. Ms. Ball had also given Maria tiny bikini panties with pink hearts on a see through white background color. She envisioned the fun her friends would have getting in the girl?s panties. She also wore a white half tee that Ms. Ball had purchased for just this occasion. The girl?s thirty-six inch breasts stood out in the top without her bra showing her nipples plainly. On the front of the tee were the words Lesbian Meat screen printed across her breasts. Ms. Ball?s two friends were in awe of the young girl?s beauty. Ms. Ball had Maria walk for her friends to watch her ass whip with every step and told them they would find out for themselves just how good Maria?s pussy was. She asked Maria in front of her friends if she was going to give them both some good pussy. ?Yes mistress. I will give them some if that is what you want?, Maria plainly replied. The women licked their lips at the sight of their newest toy.

Ms. Ball took one of her friends aside and told her that she had spiked Maria?s coke glass twice today with a heavy dose of Spanish fly that should have her body all worked up for some heavy sex with them both and to please make her drink more so would be in the mood to service the stud cock she had for the girl to make a porno movie with that night. She told her she was leaving Maria alone with the two of them while she went to get the movie set ready for Maria to fuck the man she would star with in her first porno video. Ms. Ball told her they would find a variety of strap-on cocks in the dresser by the bed to use on Maria. Her friend agreed with Ms. Ball they would get the girl ready for the movie after their sex games with her.

When they went back out to the foreplay room Ms. Ball started the hidden cameras she had set up to record Maria?s seduction by her two lesbian friends. The bedroom cameras would start automatically when there was movement in the bedroom where they would /girl/fuck-girl/fuck-the-girl/">fuck the girl. She had Maria sit between her two friends on the couch and told the girl to give them what they both wanted and she would see her later.

The deep desire to fuck had already started to engulf the young girl?s loins as Ms. Ball left her with the two lust-filled lesbians both in their mid fifties. Maria would be no match for the twin assault about to happen on her young body. Ms. Beard and Ms. White (the two hard line lesbians) looked over the sexy meat they were about to devour. Ms. White turned the girls soft lips to her mouth and told her that she bet her pussy would be really good. She then began to /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss Maria as her partner played with the girl?s breasts through her thin top making her moan under the kisses she was giving back. Ms. Beard was getting after the girl?s breasts as Ms. White xxx kissed her. They soon changed up and Ms. Beard got the girl?s tongue to wrestle as Ms. White played under the girl?s top. Kissing the girl wasn?t nearly enough and the women soon had Maria?s top off and tossed aside.

Maria?s head was leaned back on the top of the couch as the two women began to feed on each of her breasts, licking with their broad tongues and nibbling and sucking the girl?s swollen nipples. The women worked together to unfasten and unzip Maria?s jeans while they breastfed. The girl?s hips were already beginning to squirm as the sexual assault on her body intensified and the elixir she had unknowingly consumed took full control of her movements and sexual utterances. They were biting and pulling both of nipples now with their teeth as they sucked and each sent a hand under the front of her open jeans to explore the treasure inside them. One hand massaged her clit as the other opened porn videos download her vulva and sent two long fingers inside making the young girl moan her delight. As Ms. White?s fingers worked her sex Ms. Beard stopping sucking the girl?s breast letting the breast meat fall from her mouth red and swollen. She went up and whispered in the young girl?s ear asking her if she wanted to fuck. ?Yes, oh yes,? Maria answered.

They both helped the girl up off of the couch and Ms. White held her as Ms. Beard pushed her tight jeans down to the floor and had her step out of them. They both watched her walk to the bedroom whipping her lovely ass in nothing but her tiny soaked panties. The women looked lustfully at her ass then at each other knowing how good the young girl?s pussy was going to be.

When they got to the bedroom the cameras were already filming the girl discard her own panties and crawl into the middle of the large bed as she waited for the women to take her. The day before the girl had sworn to herself that Ms. Ball would never touch her but then she had fallen prey to Ms. Ball and given her everything she wanted. Now she was waiting for two more women to take her sex and she was eager for it, wanting to be fucked by both of them. She couldn?t control herself sexually anymore. Something in her had changed and now she wanted to be their toy and she didn?t care at all what they did to her as long as they fucked her. Her animal instinct to breed had been unleashed. That little boy had long since passed from her brain.

Ms. Beard crawled on the bed and got after the girl while Ms. White looked through the dresser for just the right toys to use on the girl. She found a long curved dildo and a massive strap-on with twin cock heads that she though was so unique and would make the youngster quiver under her as she fucked her with it. Ms. Beard had already kissed Maria?s soft lips and then taken a breast in hand as her tongue lapped the girl?s belly as she headed south to the girl?s bald sex.

Just as Ms. White was about to undress and join the fun the doorbell rang. She answered it to find another of their lesbian friends. Ms. White took her to bedroom where Maria was having her /legs/sexy-legs/long-sexy-legs/">long sexy legs licked by Ms. Beard. ?Oh my where did this lovely young girl come from?, she asked. Ms. White told her that Ms. Ball had found her a new slave and they were sampling her and exploring her body to see how she responded. Ms. Jackson said she wanted to taste the girl herself so her and Ms. White both undressed and strapped on cocks to fuck the girl with.