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It all started with us on the couch cuddling and watching a movie, your wearing jeans with a belt and a t-shirt you not wearing anything under your jeans because u never do when you with me. I’m wearing a nice white tennis skirt with a white /thong/">thong with hello kitty on the front, and a nice white polo shirt with a white bra underneath

the way we are laying on the couch is that your laying on your side behind me and I’m laying on my side in front with my back to you and your arms around my waist you move your arms to get into more of a comfortable position and as you move I can feel your arm brush against my chest as you arm brushes against my chest I can feel your cock harden in your pants a little

The movie gets to a steamy part and I can feel my nipples getting hard, you can almost see them threw my shirt, the actors kiss and undress each other. I can feel your cock throbbing in your pants, against my butt, pulsing as the actors make love to each other, harder and faster. My butt feels so good pushing back against your cock

I move a little bit further back on the couch to be more comfortable, I feel your cock pushing against my butt, and I wiggle my butt against the pulsing budge in your pants, knowing that it’s driving you /crazy/">crazy. You start pushing back a little

I just smile and stop moving, after a while I feel a draft on my legs and pull the covers over my legs, as I slide my hand down past my butt to pull the covers I feel your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pulsing and pushing against your jeans to get out, I slowly rub my hands over it for a few seconds and then pull my hand back up.

I can feel your arms tighten around my waist pulling me closer, and whisper in my ear "can you feel how hard I am for you?"
I whisper back "yes" and just smile and continue watching the movie as you kiss my neck and you hold me tighter around my waist, moving your arm up just a little to just under my breasts

The movie comes to an end and I turn over to my other side and kiss your lips hard and slide my tongue into your mouth and run my hands three your hair. You rub my back under my shirt feeling my soft skin and you kiss me back hard and accept my hot tongue
I pull away from kissing you and smile; I sit up and get off the couch.

you look confused and ask" did I do something?"

I smile and slowly start to rub my stomach and work my way up to my breasts and rub them. I extend my hand out towards you, motioning you to stand up and come towards me. You stand and come towards me wrapping your arms around me. I wrap my arms around you, and run my hands up your shirt and over your back, all warm from laying and watching the movie. I slowly move my hands to your stomach pulling your shirt up higher so I can take it off. I pull your shirt over your head and kiss your lips and your chin, then your chest and stomach, until I’m on my knees. I slowly rub your stomach and kiss it, letting my hands venture every where. I slowly let my hands come down to your belt, and slowly, as slow as possible I undo your belt and slide it out of your belt loops

I slowly kiss my way back up to your lips and kiss you deep and hard, letting my tongue into your mouth, feeling your tongue against mine and I kiss my way back down your chest and stomach, I'm on my knees again and slowly rub my hands over your cock just pulsing to get out, and un do your pants with my teeth, leaving the zipper done up and slowly trace out the length of your hard cock with my mouth threw your pants.

I slowly unzip your pants and your hard cock pops out of your jeans, I start to breath heavier and slowly start to lick the tip and all the way down your cock, feeling it pulse every so often, my hands playing with your balls. You grab my hair, running your fingers through it.

I moan, and start to slide the tip of your cock into my mouth and slowly suck on it, flicking my tong over the tip. I slowly, as slow as possible slide the rest of your cock into my mouth, inch by inch sucking hard on your pulsing cock, using my hands to massage your balls

You grab my hair, guiding your cock in my mouth; I let you have control over how fast my head goes. You take it nice and slow for now. You love the feeling of your cock in my mouth. I suck harder, licking the tip when your cock comes out of my mouth a bit. You let me have my way with your cock. I suck on the tip, twisting my mouth around it, flicking my tongue over it. You pull off your shirt and kick your pants the rest of the way off. I move my hands around to grab your ass so I can force your cock into my mouth harder, sliding your cock in and out of my mouth faster. I tighten my mouth around your cock, making my mouth as tight as possible
You ask if I will slowly strip for you. I smile and lick your tip a bit. You move away and sit back on the couch. You play with your hard cock while you watch me.

"One minute ill be right back’ I say and walk out of the room into my bedroom. You wait for me stroking your cock thinking about what I’m going to do

I find my cds and pick out a good cd to put on, and turn up my stereo. I walk back out into the living room and slowly rub my breasts threw my shirt. You feel your cock pulsating in your hand with anticipation

I pull my shirt up slowly exposing my stomach and then my bra with my breasts perfectly fitting in the cups. I tease you a little just flashing my breast out of the bra. I slowly unclasp the back and slide the straps off my arms, holing the front on my breasts. You start to stroke your cock faster. I slowly slide the front down off my breasts keeping my hands over my breasts, playing with my nipples and squeezing my breasts
I can see how hard your cock is. I smile and flash my panties to you.
I smile and turn around and slowly unzip the back of my skirt. I slowly slide the skirt down, over my butt, exposing my thong.

I turn around and slide my hand down my breast, and stomach, until I reach the top of my thong and slowly slide my fingers down, playing with my pussy. I walk over to you and I slowly sit down on your lap, facing you, wrapping my legs around your waist, your cock pulsing in between us, I slide my hands down your body until I feel your cock and I rub it against my pussy threw my thong, which is warm and wet from all the excitement

You feel my nice warm pussy against your cock and reach up and massage my breasts, squeezing the nipples. I moan and lean forward so I can moan in your ear, and kiss your neck, and bite your ear
You kiss my neck back and nibble on my shoulder, wanting to get my breasts closer to my mouth.
I get off your lap and lay down on the couch beside you, inviting you to play with my body.
You sit beside me, you lean in and caress my breasts with your lips, all around the nipples, making them very hard. Then you start sucking on them and nibbling on my nipples, while your hand explores the wetness between my legs

You rub my pussy through my thong feeling the wetness and hardness of my clit through them. I moan and wiggle my body. You slide your tongue down my body, over my stomach and to the top of my thong. I spread my legs and let my body go limp so you can manipulate my body any way you want. You move your tongue down over my pussy and gently lick it thought my tong. You can taste my wetness and feel my warmth on your lips.

You apply more pressure with your tongue, I moan and run my hands threw your hair. You lick all around my thong, driving me crazy. I put more pressure on your head with my hands.
You ask ’what do u want me to do?’ with a sly smile on your face
I tell you ’do what ever you want to do.’ with a wink. You stand up with an evil smile, I sit up.

You say ’tell me what u want.’

I smile and slowly slide my thong off; you kneel back down and ask ’now what?’ I spread my legs, keeping one hand over /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. You move closer and kiss my hand. I spread my fingers a little bit so that your tongue can just get a taste of my pussy. You lick between my fingers tasting my /sweet/">sweet juices. I run my other hand threw your hair, pushing you closer to my pussy.

I slowly slide my hand away from my pussy letting your tongue have full range of my pussy. You bury your tongue in my /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and start to move it all around, your nose rubbing my clit. I moan loudly and wiggle my hips into your face. You lick faster, up and down inside my lips, and move your hand to either side and spread my lips wide. I push your face into my pussy with my hands. You lick all over the inside of my pussy.

I moan so loud, moaning your name as you lick my pussy. You can feel my clit pulsing against your nose so you move your tongue to flick at it. You cover my clit with your mouth and suck on it gently, flicking and nibbling on it.

I am close to cuming and moan loudly. You look up and slide your hands to my breasts and tell me to cum for you. You bury your face back into my /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet bokep sma pecah perawan pussy. I immediately cum all over your face, screaming your name as I cum. You keep your face buried in my pussy sucking on my clit to make my orgasm last longer. My whole body shivers and I run my hands down my body to your head and run my hands threw your hair. When I stop shivering you move up my body sliding your tongue all the way up.

I smile and when u get close to my lips I kiss you and can taste my cum in your mouth. You kiss me deeply so I can enjoy the taste you just enjoyed. The tip of your cock just barely rubbing my pussy. I suck on your tongue to get all the taste out of your mouth. I whisper on your ear ’slide your cock into me.’

You gently slide your cock all the way inside my pussy and lay there for a minute, looking into my eyes as I moan and smile. You lay there enjoying the tightness surrounding your cock. I wrap my legs around you, you can feel my pussy pulsing around your cock but you don’t want to move. I wrap my arms around your neck and scratch your back with my nails lightly. You moan and press your hips against mine. I press my hips back against yours.

You can’t take it any longer and lean back on your knees and spread my legs. I spread my legs as wide as I can. You start to slide your cock in and out of my pussy, nice and slow. I moan and run my hands over your chest. You look down to watch your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, you tell me it looks so good.

I thrust my hips into yours, you accept my thrusts and begin to thrust faster and deeper. You ask me to rub my clit. I moan loud, thrusting harder and faster. And I slide my hand down my body and rub my clit. You reach down and squeeze my breasts to the rhythm of our thrusts.

I push you away with my hands and tell you to lie down on the couch. You do as I ask and lay down with your hard cock sticking straight up. I climb on top of you, knees on either side, and slowly lower my pussy on to your cock. I lower it just enough so that your cock head is inside my pussy lips, I move my hips back and forth, your cock head rubbing against my clit. You moan loudly and grab my hips. I smile and bring my pussy back up letting your cock stand straight up beneath me.

You try to guide my pussy down over your cock by pressing on my hips. I keep my hips just above your cock so you can feel the warmth on your cock. You lift your hips trying to find away into my pussy. I smile and slowly let my pussy slide on to your cock.

’I love the feeling of your wet pussy sliding down over my cock’ you tell me. You reach up and old waman xxxgx massage my breasts and squeeze my nipples. I lean down and kiss you, biting you lip a little. I can tell this drives you crazy. I move my body up and down on your cock, riding your cock faster, popping my hips back and forth. You grab my hips to slow me down because I’m going to make you cum. I smile and lean forward, lying on your chest keeping your cock inside me. You wrap your arms around me and enjoy the feeling of your cock inside my pussy. I slide up and down a bit letting your cock go in and out of me.

You ask me ’Lean over the back of the couch, with your arms and chest over the back.’ I do as you ask me to, and look back to see what you’re doing. You spread my legs a little wider and slowly slide your cock into my pussy. You grab both my ass cheeks and thrust all the way in. I moan and move my ass into you. You reach around and grab my breasts. I moan louder and keep thrusting my ass into your hips. You thrust deeper and faster into my pussy, while squeezing my breasts, /hard/real-hard/">real hard.

I moan loudly and rub my clit with my hand. You go faster and faster, your cock pulsing with every thrust. You feel yourself about to cum. I keep rubbing my clit and telling you to keep fucking me harder. You keep thrusting into my pussy as fast as I can. You want me to cum with you. I moan that I'm going to cum. You grab my ass and /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. I moan that I want you to cum inside me. I tell you in going to cum, I want you to cum with me. You keep thrusting till you’re about to cum. Then you push your cock all the way in my pussy and keep it there while you shoot your load deep inside my pussy. I moan loudly as I feel you’re cum shoot inside me, making me cum. You stay in that position feeling my pussy pulsing around your cock. I can feel your cock throbbing inside me.

You pull out of my pussy and turn me around. I turn and lick your cock clean of our juices. After I’m done licking your cock you collapse on the couch beside me. You take me in your arms and whisper WOW in my ear. I smile and kiss you letting you taste our cum.

’mmmm I like the taste of two of us together’ you say...