Houston Heat

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Houston Heat

I had just picked up my car after arriving in Houston and was on my way to the hotel. The heat was stifling on this July night, 98 degrees and humid like hell. I was sweating in the car with the AC going full blast. I stopped at my familiar Adult newsstand and picked up a copy of Playguy and then made my way to the hotel. As I reached my room I threw my suitcase on the bed and relaxed as I looked through the room service menu. I ordered a pizza and then began to unpack, and get out of my suit and into some boxers and a T-shirt. 

As I waited for the Pizza I started to browse through the Playguy I bought. It was full of young guys with realistic dicks, not the giant kind you see in some of the other mags. Who wants to suck a dick you can’t even fit into your mouth, never mind have some monster shlong trying to split open your ass. Soon a knock sounded at the door, so I got up to answer it. 

As I opened it up there stood a young Spanish guy, maybe twenty or so with a shadow of a moustache and minor acne on his cheeks. He smiled with a closed mouth , revealing some smart dimples in each cheek and said, ’Good day sir, here is your pizza, where shall I put it?’

’Just set it on the bed,’ I said as I stepped aside and let him pass. As I followed I realized that he was setting the pizza tray down on the bed beside where I had set the Playguy when I got up. 

He put the tray down and clearly took a look at the magazine, then he handed me the check, and asked me to sign. I was a little embarrassed as I grabbed it and stumbled to sign my name.

’You, ah’’ can suck me if you want,’ the words came out of his mouth so softly, I could hardly made them out. 

I looked up as he looked me in the eye and took a deep breath. I saw that he was nervous, and there I was clearly embarrassed. We made a perfect pair. I saw that his name tag read Raphael as I stepped forward and tenderly rubbed his crotch. He responded by moaning and pushing his loins forward. I massaged his hot spot some more as I surveyed his dick and balls fully.I slowly lowered to my knees in front of him and undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He was wearing some pure white jockeys that looked so /sweet/">sweet in contrast to his dark shin. I could feel his now /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick sticking out as I continued to rub his crotch thru his briefs. I quickly pulled his waistband over his dick and pushed his clean briefs down with his pants. His dick was sticking strait at me with his piss slit staring at me as it was framed by his dark curlies and two dark balls dangling below. I grabbed his dick in one hand and begans to tongue his purple head. His salty head tasted so good as I ran my tongue up and down his piss slit. I then took him into my mouth in full and pressed my nose into his thick coarse pubic hair, as his dick touched the back of my mouth. A perfect mouthful, he was, as I started to move my mouth back and forth on his pole.

I reached between his legs and tickled his balls, as I continued to work his cock. I then reached around and grabbed a cheek of his ass in each hand and used that to pull him deep into my mouth. Soon he started to take over and began to thrust into by mouth as he started to get very excited. I started to massage his ass with both hands, and let the fingers of my left hand slip into his crack and explore his warm buttcrack. Within seconds Raphael gave a big thrust and his dick started to spasm in my mouth as I felt his come hit the back of my mouth. I held all his come until he was done and then swallowed as I let his dick slip out of my mouth. 

Raphael quickly bent down and pulled up his pants and got himself in order. I watched him from my knees with my own dick sticking strait out of the leg of my boxers and bouncing up and down with every beat of my heart. 

’I have to go, uh’’. thanks’, he said still breathing heavily as he turned and made his way to the door. I watched his /butts/cute-butt/">cute butt as he walked away, and left me with my dick aching. I took a sniff of the fingers of my left hand and got a wiff of the ass I just saw walking away from me. I quickly started to jerk my own dick to bring some release. As I was sliding the skin of my dry dick up and down the shaft, I continued to sniff my funky fingers and quickly brought myself to the edge. I then stood up and opened the pizza box and squirted my slimy come all over the cheese and sausage. As I finished I sat down on the edge of the bed and caught my breath. Then I grabbed a slice and chowed down.

Upon finishing half of the pizza, I lied down on the bed and fell asleep while watching some TV. I was suddenly awoken by the phone ringing, I grabbed it and tried to wipe the cobb webbs from my head. 

’Good evening Sir, if you are done with the tray, I can pick it up,’ a voice said through the phone.

’Sure, I am done,’ I grumbled into the phone, and /hung/">hung it up.

A few minutes later, a knock at the door sounded, and I answered it. Another Spanish guy a little younger, and a little thicker, even kind of chubby. With really thick eyebrows over a pair of dark shiney eyes. 

’Good evening sir, I am here to pick up your tray,’ he said as he entered and walked past me. I checked out his ample butt as he walked. It was actually quite large and fleshy and swayed side to side as he walked in. I followed him in as went for the tray.

’Were is the other guy, I think his name is Raphael? He was very nice,’ I said as he turned towards me, and I saw his name tag said Juan.

’Ra is my brother,’ Juan said as he looked me in the eye. ’He said you were a nice guy also.’ Juan said as he then reached down and picked up my Playguy from the bed instead of the tray. As he started turning the pages, I took the hint and walked up behind him, put my hands around him and massaged his chest. Juan responded by pushing his ample behind into my crotch. We rubbed together like this getting ourselves worked up. Juan unbuttoned his shirt and removed it giving me access to his man tits and his rock /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. I rubbed my hands into them as my now fully hard dick was grinding into his ass. Juan unbuckled his pants and pushing them down along with his Jockeys, stepped out of them. I was expecting him to turn around but he held his position grinding his now naked ass into my dick. I lowered myself down to my knees as I licked a trail down the center of his back. I was soon eye wwwxxx level with his big fleshy ass. Each cheek was hairless, but that changed as you got closer to his crack and as you followed the crack between his legs the hair got thicker. 

I started to kiss and lick his ass and slowly began to explore his crack with my tongue, as I massaged his fleshy cheeks. As I was exploring his ass, Juan bent over and rested on the edge of the bed to give me better access. This exposed his crack in full showing the fine dark fur surrounding his shiney pink hole as his balls dangled below. I always feel so dirty as I see a guy’s ass in this position, and when I am up this close the dirty excitement is intoxicating. 

I plunged my whole face into his fleshy crack and tasted his ass in full. My tongue swirled around his hole as my nose was messing in his ass fur. The smell of his ass was intense, and the taste was sweet and salty. I pushed the tip of my tongue into his /asshole/">asshole as Juan reached around and spread his cheeks in full and pushed his butt into my face. After a few moments of slobbering into his ass, I pulled my face back and started to work a finger into his hole. I also reached between his legs and massaging his balls as I slobered on my fingers some more and then pushed two into his hole working it looser and looser. After I got it loosened up I stood up, dropped my boxers and pushed the head of my dick into Juan’s opening. I rested there as I waited for him to get used to it. As I waited, I spit some more on my dick and took a whiff of the fingers I just had in Juans ass. Totally intoxicated by this /ass/guys-ass/">guys ass I then plunged in until my loins smacked his fleshy behind.

I grabbed him by his small love handles and began working my dick on and out in a nice easy rythimn. Juan met my strokes in perfect timing, as if we had done this a thousand times. I started to feel my orgasm approaching and picked up the pace and started pounding his ass, which was now jiggling like jello. I continued to escalate until I could take it no more and thrust to the bottom of his ass as my loins spasmed and sent my juice into his waiting hole. I held there until my dick shrank and popped out of his ass and then collapsed onto the bed.

’My brother said you were a good cocksucker, but man you can suck a mean ass too,’ Juan said appreciatively as he slid up between my legs pushing them apart.

He took my balls into his mouth one at a time tugging at them playfully. He then moved down to the sensitive spot between my balls and ass and massaged it with his tongue. Juan lifted my legs up and I rested them on his shoulders as be began to insert a finger into my waiting hole. He waisted no time pushing it all the way in and massaged my insides with his finger. After working my hole a little looser he then inserted a second finger stretching my hole to get it ready for his prize. Having prepared me well Juan then pulled himself up and entered me with his cock. I hadn’t even seen his dick and now it was inside of me. It was and easy fit so I new Juan had a nice right sized dick. Juan only moved in and out once or twice when he fell on top of me and started to shake as his dick pulsed in my ass. 

Juan the wwwxxx rolled off of me and on to the bed beside. I got up and got a wet towel to clean us up. When I came back into the room Juan was picking up his clothes to get dressed. ’What is the hurry with you guys,’ I asked as I admired his /cute/">cute body.

’I was going to go,’ Juan said holding his clothes in front of himself.

’Relax, hang out for a bit, there is some pizza to eat if your hungry,’ I tried to convince Juan as I gave him my best charming smile.

’I am kind of hungry,’ he answered as he started to put on his /underwear/">underwear with his back to me.

’Don’t get dressed, let’s hang out naked. You have a cute body, don’t cover it up,’ I said with a smile.

’Really, you like my body,’ he said as he turned around smiling back and blushing a little.

’It’s real cute, and you ass is something special,’ I said as I cleaned my dick with the wet towel. I then cleaned of Juan’s shrunken dink and teased him. ’and this guy is pretty special too’.

Juan stood up straight and grabbed a slice of pizza and we sat beside each other at the head of the bed, and had a great chat for the longest time as we started to become friends.