My best friends brother

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My best friends brother

I was 21, 5 foot 10, 170 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes. I was gay but nobody knew. I just left college for the summer and went to stay at my best friend's house in Minnesota. My friend was 23 and offered to stay at his house for a few weeks in the summer before going home. I arrived in minnesota on Friday night, he wasn't going to be home from school until Tuesday and his parents were in mexico for a week and a half on vacation. So I got to his house at 10pm and only his 18 year old brother, connor, was home. Connor was probably around my height a little heavier than me, red hair blue eyes, really . I knew his brother pretty well so I didn't have any problem hanging out with him for the weekend until my friend got home. He let me in and showed me to my friends room and told me he was gonna jump in the shower real quick so just make myself at home. I started to unpack my clothes in my friends room. I finished up and went into the living room to watch tv. The batteries in the remote were dead so I knocked on the bathroom door and asked Connor if he had any batteries. He told me there were some in his room on his dresser. I went into his room and didn't see the batteries on the dresser so I looked around on his desk. I opened a couple drawers but only found some notebooks and pens. Then I opened one drawer and saw his stash of porn. To my it was ! Magazines and posters of naked guys! I was very intrigued. I quick looked at his computer that was just on screen saver and opened his internet. He had gay video sites in his history! no question about it, Connor was gay. And I was home alone with him for 3 days!

I had only ever been with one guy and it was just a fling. I never did anything that could possibly out me so I was never aggressive, but this was no risk. Connor was gay and closeted and I was gay and closeted and we were home alone all weekend. I didn't waste any time. I closed the computer and waited outide the bathroom door for connor. The shower turned off and about 30-45 seconds later the door opened. Connor was a little surprised to see me witing for him and started to ask me if I found the batteries but before he could finish I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine. He froze for a second and then relaxed as our tongues locked. He backed me up into his room never breaking away from my mouth and we fell onto his bed. He reached to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off. Connor lay on his back on the bed wearing only a towel still a little wet from the shower. I climbed on top of him. Kissing him, his arms over his head I break away and start kissing his neck. My elbows on either side of him hand holding his arms. I lick my way to his armpits and take my left hand to undo his towel. I opened his towel as I licked my way to his chest.

Connor started to breathe heavy as I sucked on his nipples, rolling my tongue in circles around each one. I pulled away and looked down to his cock. It wasn't hard yet, no doubt he jacked off while in the shower. He was limp and I gasped at the size. My friends 18 year old brother was bigger than me. I grabbed his now about 6 inch penis and started rubbing it as I licked his chest down his belly. I licked down his belly to his beautiful trail of hair leading down to his short pubes. He didn't have much hair. Only under his arms, a patch around his naval and down to the base of his penis. Finally I put his limp dick in my mouth and connor began to wimper. I rolled his cock around in my mouth as it grew. As he began to moan I lifted his legs a little bit until I saw his virgin ass. I licked down his balls to his hole and pushed my tongue in slightly, he started to breathe really heavy now and I didn't need any more invitation. I dropped my boxers, spit in my hand and rubbed my 7 inch cock before putting the tip on Connors hole. His legs were spread open just enough to fit my hips. I started my cock into him. Slowly I penetrated him. Connor's mouth dropped and began to moan loadly, panting, I pushed in slowly until I was all the way in. I stayed there and lay on top of him. Connors eyes began to water as he was obviously in pain. I asked him if he was ok and he told me to just wait. We stayed like that for 2 or 3 minutes before he said ok. I pulled out a little bit until just the tip of my cock was in. I pushed back in slowly. I was kissing his neck as he put his arms on my lower back and guided me so I would move at a comfortable pace for him. I complied.

He pulled me in and out of his ass for 5 minutes before he started to move faster. I was getting tense. His ass was so tight I could"ve blown right then. I was about to lose it but held out as long as I could. I started pushing my cock in and out slightly faster and after 5 more minutes I couldn't take it anymore, I started to get tight and stopped kissing him and he knew what was coming. He was moaning the whole time and now he managed real forced anal against her will to moan out the words "do it matt". I couldn't wait any longer I pushed my cock as deep into him as I could which made him tighten up his ass and I burst. I started to but he was so tight that my cum couldn't make it's way out, I was orgasming like and the pressure of my cum backed up and shot like a rocket in his ass, with every shot connor screamed and got even tighter. Shot after shot, I moaned in his ear. Shooting 5 times then 6 connor keeps screaming. I shoot one last time and lay resting on Connors chest, my cock still in his , but I couldn't move any more. I had just finished the longest most powerful orgasm I had ever had. The climax of my lasted over 30 seconds and I didn't have any energy left. I rolled over and lay next to him panting. He slowed his breathing and began kissing me again. I had lost all energy but that 20 minute session only excited connor. He slid down and sucked hard on my ultrasensative penis and I started moaning louder.

We were both sweaty and breathing heavily but connor started to control his breathing and told me it was his turn. At this point his cock was fully erect at 9.5 inches. The biggest dick I"ve ever seen. He stuck his tongue in my ass as I moaned. He didn't need to lube his cock as he came out of the shower wet and had been sweating ever since. He pushed his cock into my ass slowly as I had done. I was so out of energy that my muscles were all lose, but that didn't change the fact that I had never been fucked before xnxxv sunny leone video either. He pushed in just 2 inches before I lost my breathe and felt a pop. I was in heaven. He pushed in 3 more inches and my breathing accelerated and I began to moan louder. He continued 6 inches""..7inches""".8inches""..9.5inches

I tried to hold back the tears but it was just too painful. He returned the favor and waited inside me until I was okay. I didn't take as long to be ready but maybe I should"ve waited longer. He started pulling out to 3 inches then back in and I was tearing up even more in pain but it wasn't . It felt amazing. I lay there moaning louder and louder as his 9.5 inch dick fucks me slowly. He continued for 10 minutes at this pace and I started to get used to the feeling and told him to go faster. He picked up the pace. He took me to the next level. I started to scream"..

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started fucking me faster and pounded me harder
He deep and hard as I screamed his name, he took 5 more minutes like this before putting my legs down and laying on top of me. I knew what was coming.

He gave three more thrusts and tensed his whole body up. I grabbed him and pulled him up driving his cock deep inside me ass I tightened up my body he started to shoot his load. I gasped for breathe as I felt his spray my insides he softly moans as he lay on top of me. He kept cumming and cumming and cumming, 7 shots 8 shots 9 shots 10, 11, 12 I felt it dripping down his shaft and out my ass, 13 and finally 14"".he relaxed and slid out of my ass and with a hard tug he popped the head all the way out of my tight ass.

We laid on his bed hot, sweaty, panting. I laid flat on my back with my arms u slightly over my head as he rest his head on the inside of my shoulder with his right arm on my chest his hand resting on my left pec. I put my right arm around him as we fell asleep more satisfied than we had ever been in our lives.